Friularo di Bagnoli. An example of wine resilience – Il Dominio di Bagnoli

At Il Dominio di Bagnoli the experience and intuition of man give shape to a virtuous symbiosis between a grape and a territory, both difficult by their nature.

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“Le Conche” Manzoni Bianco unfiltered – Salatin Winery

From Salatin, at the foot of the Treviso Pre-Alps, a wine resulting from the research of the perfect synergy between grape variety and micro-territory

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Oxygen permeability of corks and longevity of wines.

How to allow your wine to evolve over time in the bottle, enhancing its peculiarities and without unwanted surprises.

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Manzoni Bianco “Madre” – Cescon Italo Winery

A wine that in a few years has achieved numerous international awards and has become one of the reference points of Italian white wines for the quality and longevity. A success made possible thanks to a deep work of research started 12 years ago, in an old Manzoni Bianco vineyard owned by the Italo Cescon company in Piave DOC Area.

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Viticultural project in the Croatian Danube Region

Improvement of the viticultural management of the company Vina Belje, which sees the main production reference in the variety Grasevina, through specific agronomic interventions capable of enhancing the peculiarities of the variety and significantly improving its sensitivity to botrytis.

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Particella 68 – Company Sorelle Bronca

Viticultural and oenological project of zoning of the company's vineyards which is accompanied by a study of the correct oenological choices capable of highlighting the uniqueness of this parcel of land.

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Learning experience at GiottoLab

GiottoLab and Ro-Wine International Wine Festival in support of young Romanian wine talents



A new viticultural approach that takes in consideration characteristics and potentials of each terroir in order to valorize the natural “talent” in relation to defined goals, and for the implementation of a viticultur that is always more aware and punctual.

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