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Chemical and microbiological analyses

Monitoring the parameters of a continually evolving subject like wine is a crucial aspect if we are to obtain a healthy, quality product. The GiottoLab analysis laboratory enables a broad spectrum of microbiological, chemical and physical parameters of wine and soil to be checked, thanks to the use of cutting-edge instrumentation and continually updated methods.

Application in the vineyard and the winery

The GiottoLab wine checks and analysis service is also provided outside the laboratory. The microbiological studies of the vineyard and the winery or in-house O2 and CO2 checks are made possible thanks to strictly dedicated technologies and the competence of our operators.

Online analyses

Receipt, consultation and management of analysis history is possible at any time, thanks to an online section reserved for our clients (client area).

Sample collection

We provide a sample collection service for companies in outlying areas, using authorised couriers throughout Italy.

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