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Vine consultancy

In order to obtain quality grapes, the expression of an identifying oenological project, you must study and know the distinguishing traits of a vine-growing terroir and respect its natural balance by making the right choices.

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Vineyard planning

Careful planning of a vineyard determines the quality potential of the grapes produced and must always be related to its specific surroundings. Efficient procedures, constant production and achievement of set goals are all aspects to be considered when planting a vineyard, choosing the right training systems, materials and technologies to be used.


Any type of cultivation, be it integrated, organic or biodynamic, is applied as part of a continually evolving context and must however follow best agronomic practices. Correct, prompt management of vegetation, suitable fertilisation and a correct approach to pruning are the best defence strategy and the best basis for a high quality potential of the grapes.

Soil fertility

Soil fertility and its characteristic biodiversity can be measured to evaluate the impact we have on the health of our vines. An energetic, balanced terrain improves vineyard life and the quality of the grapes produced.

Plant health

A balanced vineyard promptly reacts to environmental and biotic stress. Protocols are applied to any problem identified in the vineyard to monitor, intervene and assess results over time, in order to understand the actual dynamics and find a solution faster.

Feasibility studies

Preliminary investment evaluation and realisation of production structures. Any investment must be considered as part of a global company project that takes into account the efficiency of the process and the objectives of the product.

Vineyard economics

A vineyard’s sustainability is also economic. Monitoring production costs and planning work enable resources to be found in the production process, which in turn improve efficiency.


In-field use of new technologies allows for greater knowledge of the relative sector, offering new quality prospects. The application of precise vine-growing protocols leads to an increase in the quality potential of the grapes through a sustainable approach.

Personnel training

Qualified personnel form the basis for the application of good vine-growing practices. At every stage of consultancy, the client company’s personnel is constantly flanked by our technicians to provide them with a path of continuous growth.

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