A new viticultural approach that takes in consideration characteristics and potentials of each terroir in order to valorize the natural “talent” in relation to defined goals, and for the implementation of a viticultur that is always more aware and punctual.

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The project aims at an in-depth study of the effects of the variability of the vegetative expression of the vineyard on the qualitative characteristics of the grapes and wines in order to provide the companies of the sector with a useful tool on which to base a qualitative growth path, involving first and foremost the vineyard management. The vigor, being a partially modulable variable and influenced by the agronomic management, is in fact a very powerful qualitative tool.


GreenEye stems from the need to bring the agronomic sphere closer to the enological one in the belief that this can generate a new qualitative approach both for the territorial valorisation, through the wines produced, and for the implementation of an increasingly conscious and timely viticulture.

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