GiottoConsulting is a centre providing wine and vine consultancy, research and learning.


A wine’s strongest expression is its identity and to appreciate it, you must know how to observe, listen, analyse and interpret.


Today more than ever, research by GiottoConsulting aims to move beyond the borders that separate and distinguish the various disciplines, in which wine is the result of oenological and agronomical knowledge related to other vital fields such as einvironmental and social sectors and the economy.


Constant attention to our ever-changing world and a clear vision of the future of wine guide us in choices able to develop all farsighted projects destined to endure.

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Projects and technical focus from our archives for an in-depth understanding of what we do.

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Where are we

We are close to Treviso and 70 km from Venice.

Our offices and lab are housed in an eco-friendly renovated farmhouse surrounded by the green of the Treviso hills.