Friularo di Bagnoli. An example of wine resilience – Il Dominio di Bagnoli

At Il Dominio di Bagnoli the experience and intuition of man give shape to a virtuous symbiosis between a grape and a territory, both difficult by their nature.

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Raboso Piave has its roots in the easternmost part of the Veneto Region, between the provinces of Treviso and Padua, where it is known as Friularo.

The Dominio di Bagnoli, estate owned by the Borletti family with more than 1000 years of history behind it, was the first to welcome Friularo outside the Treviso area: in the Brolo vineyards it has found an ideal cultivation area for climatic characteristics and geological.

Due to its genetic characteristics, Friularo is characterized by late ripening, marked acidity and complex polyphenolic profile; the presence of heavy clays in the territory has hinted at the possibility of taming these rustic characters, to arrive at the production of elegant, balanced wines suitable for long aging.

Observing the behavior of Friularo in this territory has revealed its greatest hidden gift: the plasticity with which it adapts to give light or structured wines, up to excellent sparkling or passito bases, according to the agronomic management or the enological technique adopted.

From these intuitions arises the challenge of creating typical wines, identifying, but diametrically opposed in style and organoleptic characteristics.


Having clear specific oenological objectives, it was possible to plan the production starting from single plots, adopting different agronomic strategies.

The late maturity of Friularo allows for a very wide temporal gap within which to place the harvest date according to the chosen oenological project.

From an early harvest with correct production load it is possible to obtain a white base of extraordinary freshness, which gives rise to the Classic Method of the Dominio, a sparkling wine of great longevity, perspective and character.

With a production lightening calibrated during the growing season, Friularo gives red wines rich in color, with great olfactory intensity, excellent drinkability and great aging potential, typical of the Classic area of ​​Bagnoli.

Listening to wine also passes through the enhancement of the peculiarities of a variety or a place that do not always appear adequate. It is thanks to its rustic character, in fact, that Friularo comes into close contact with the territory. When the leaves have completely left the plant and the mists become a characterizing element of the November days, the Friulara grape completes its maturation giving life, in the cellar, to the Late Harvest of the Dominio, an internationally appreciated and award-winning wine.

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