Viticultural project in the Croatian Danube Region

Improvement of the viticultural management of the company Vina Belje, which sees the main production reference in the variety Grasevina, through specific agronomic interventions capable of enhancing the peculiarities of the variety and significantly improving its sensitivity to botrytis.

Vine consultancy


The last harvest had been influenced by an unexpected presence of rot that appeared on most of the plots, with a suspected cause attributed to the presence of Drosophila Suzuki. After the first visits in vineyard, interviews and meetings with the company staff, we identified the objectives to be undertaken: improvement of the state of health and ripening of the grapes which according to the latest harvest experience was not completely guaranteed.


The main operations identified on which to have a decisive intervention and an operational change were: improvement of dry pruning and green pruning; early mechanical and manual defoliation; subdivision of the vineyards by winemaking objective into three quality ranges (base, medium, top). This last point was found to be strategic for improving the speed and quality of interventions. In order to monitor the progress of the works in line with the set objectives, each operation was programmed with an intervention plan that took into account the operational strength, the historical average of the time required to carry out each operation, the three quality ranges, the possible setbacks related to weather and staff availability.

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