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Wine consultancy

Wine is a complex project that starts with knowledge of the identity of the grapes and the terrain, and the aim is to identify and enhance this identity with a well-defined vision of the future market positioning.

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Vinification and ageing

Selecting and adopting specific vinification and ageing techniques is fundamental for respecting and enhancing the quality potential of the grapes and for guaranteeing the wine’s authenticity and long life.


A high quality spumante wine requires specific knowledge of the raw material, vinification techiques and production technology. GiottoConsulting has a specialist consultancy division for spumante wines produced either with the Classic or Martinotti-Charmat method.


The stages that go from assemblage, to optimum preparation through to bottling are among the most important for conditioning not only the style and integrity of the wine, but also its life expectancy in the bottle.

Analytical support

Specific, prompt analyses are an indispensable aid in comprehending the raw material and for controlling the vinification stages. Our GiottoLab lab provides valid support to our client wine producing companies and their in-house laboratories.

Economy of production

A modern production process must take into consideration production costs and therefore process efficiency. Our dedicated division, with its highly qualified professionals, provides strategic support for designing and implementation of production processes with special attention also to the carbon balance.


An understanding of the raw material often leads to a need to find new production methods based on greater respect for its identity, which in turn open up new quality perspectives.


Developing competences is one of the essential requisites for the success of a project. Our task is to work alongside and train a company’s personnel in order to enable the company’s growth.


Wine producers play an important role in raising awareness of their wine and the project that identifies it. We assist our clients in tasting sessions, presentations and organisation of communication material.

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