Shelf life and organoleptic profile: productive strategy for the Prosecco Sparkling Wine

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In a global wine market, in which Prosecco plays a leading role, the challenge of tomorrow will not only be to continue to guarantee products of great finesse and typicality: longevity, that is the ability of a wine to keep its characteristics unaltered over the time, will be an increasingly central element in understanding the modern concept of quality.


Montelvini, a producer of Prosecco DOC and Asolo DOCG strongly oriented towards exports, has always recognized longevity as one of the key factors for the success of its wines on the market.


Precisely for this reason, he undertook a long research project with us in which the possible criticalities were characterized for each production step, new solutions were adopted in the technological field and our know-how in the sparkling wine sector was applied.


The goal was to formulate a new work protocol starting from the base wine to the finished wine and to evaluate the effect of its application, both analytically and sensorially, on the longevity of the wines obtained.


The results obtained were summarized and published as an article in the journal Vigne, Vini e Qualità in issue 3 of 2021.

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