“Modern” vertical hydraulic presses and quality sparkling wines

The importance of the pressing method on the chemical, organoleptic and oxidative characteristics of sparkling wines.

Lab Research and development


Until now considered as marginal pressing systems, mostly suitable for amateur use or for small cellars, in recent years there has been a growing interest on the part of producers towards “modern” vertical hydraulic presses.
The introduction of technical simplifications (for example, PLC for the automatic management of the pressing, automatic systems for handling the baskets and tools to facilitate cleaning operations, etc.) has favored an increase in their diffusion on the market, but the main reason of this rebirth is represented by the search, by the most attentive producers, of the highest quality of wine.
In order to quantify the qualitative advantages of a vertical hydraulic press, comparing it to a “lung” press, an experiment was started at the “Cembra Cantina di Montagna” winery which for years has introduced a ” Marmonier ”for the creation of its superior quality sparkling wines. The results of the research carried out are reported in the article “” Modern “vertical hydraulic presses and quality sparkling wines” published in the VVQ magazine n.4 of June 2022.

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