Precision protein stability

Guidelines for correct assessment of protein stability in wines

Lab Research and development


The protein instability is one of the most discussed issue in oenology. Even if is well known that the use of bentonite allow to drastically reduce the amount of proteins in wine and so the protein instability risk, it is not well know how to use it in the most rational and targeted way. This lack in knowledge is often reflected in an overestimation of the amount of bentonite to use, with an organoleptic depletion of the wines quality.

In this focus we are going to analyze some of the most important elements in order to dose rightly the amount of bentonite, for example the kind of bentonite to use and the protein stability test used to reveal the instability. We will also explore the destabilizing role of some coadjuvant like CMC, metatartaric acid and K-polyaspartate, giving usefull guidelines to avoid the problems related to their use.


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