# CO2

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The concentration of CO2 of a sparkling wine plays a fundamental role on the finenes of the perlage, on the foam quality and on the organoleptic effect of the wine itself.

Moreover, as regards the sparkling wines, the recent legislation requires the determination,  in phase of certification of the product, of the wine's overpressure in order that it fall within the terms provided by the applicable law .

The normal manometer of autoclaves and aphrometers, in fact, don't provide a sufficient accuracy in the measurement because are greatly influenced both by temperature and by the presence of other dissolved gasses in the carbon dioxide, as the nitrogen generally used during the spumantization phases. 

For this regard GiottoLab has recently activated a service for its customers for the determination of the content of dissolved CO2, directly in autoclave, by using an instrument based on a volumetric method at multiple expansion. 

In this way it is possible not only to determinate, faster and accurately, the amount of carbon dioxide dissolved in a wine before the bottling, but also the eventual losses of carbon dioxide during the bottling phases and fining phase of the wine itself.