Events & News

  • 26 October 2013 - "Biennale del Gusto" in Venice (VE)

Presentation of the guide Slow Wine 2014. In the afternoon there will be at the Area Slow Food (n°105) the tasting of 700 labels of the wines that have been awarded with the most important prizes of the guide.

gusto     Slow Wine 2014

  • 20 April 2013 - "Meeting of specialistic study about the viticolture" in Imola (BO)
Meeting organized at the Agricultural Institute G. Scarabelli focused on the "Chaine Phases, from the viticulture in the field to the more modern methods of marketing of the wines".  GiottoConsulting participated as relator to deepen the oenological techniques for high quality wines.
              Convegno Imola

  • 06-08 April 2013-"Villa Favorita" in Sarego (VI)

10^ Salon of the Natural Wines created by VinNatur. Wines to test of 140 Natural Producers of Italy and Europe.

Villa Favorita 2013

  • 07-10 April 2013-"Vinitaly" in Verona
  • 47^ appointment with the International Salon of Wine and Spirits


    • 24-25 January 2013 - Course "Natural Vinification" in Kojsko (Slovenia)

    GiottoConsulting participated as relator at the project "Quality biodynamic viticultur and natural viticultur on the Slovenian litoral" descussing the theme of the spontaneous fermentation and its problems; and also phisical and microbiological stability of the natural wines. The course has been adressed to some Slovenian producers.

    • 23-28 August 2012 - "Art Wine Fest 2012" in Sevastopol (Ukraine) 

    Unique and prestigious event to be held in the city of Sevastopol in the Crimea, to which we will participate as guests of honor. The opening event will mark the beginning of the 2012 harvest, while will follow an awards ceremony where will be awarded the Art Wine Awords 2012, a prestigious award for those who have contributed significantly to the development of Ukrainian wine sector and the dissemination of wine culture.

    • 25-28 March 2012 - "Vinitaly" in Verona 

    46^ appointment with the International Salon of Wine and Spirits 


    •  14 e 21 February 2012 - "The sparkling wine production process" in Maser

    Interesting appointment with Federico Giotto for wine specialist and producers, that want to deepen the theme of the sparkling wine production process. Coure organized by the C.e.c.a.t. in Maser (TV) at the Sant'Andrea restaurant. 

    •  14-15 November 2011 - "Natural European Wine"s in Zurigo 

    An international event organized by VinNatur, unique in his gender, with the aim of bringing together the largest number of producers of natural wines from different European countries. The central theme will be "Natural Wine: a scientific approach" which will accompany the two-day event. During the first day Isabelle Lageron, Master of wine and an extensive connoisseur of natural wines, will lead a conference / debate with the participation of: Lydia and Cloude Bourguignon, experts of soil and its microorganisms; Federico Giotto, speaking of spontaneous fermentations and natural vinification; Jonathan Nossiter, American director famous for the documentary film "Mondovino." Will follow an open day for the public with a tasting of the wines and to which will participate also importers from all the Central and Northern Europe, buyers and industry professionals. 


    •  11 June 2010 - Meeting "Fermenti naturali" in Bologna 

    Deepening on the spontaneous fermentations edited by Federico Giotto. During the course, organized by VinNatur, will be discussed the theme, object of many discussions between critics and producers of the natural vinification. 

    • 11-12 e 25-26 February 2010 - Meeting "From mineral to organic and back" 

    Course on the new biological frontiers concerning the viticultur and the oenoly. Reserved to the GiottoConsulting's customers.

    from mineral to organic and back