activities & services

GiottoLab provides individual analysis of the different matrices but also is designed to create analysis packages, that meet the needs of each individual productive company. 

All analysis are performed with advanced equipment and methods, while our experts are available to the companies for the correct interpretation of the data. Moreover, being the reference laboratory of GiottoConsulting, is able to provide, where required, consulting at different levels for the wineries. 

Not only analysis but also a deep knowledge of the different production dynamics. It is involved, in fact, on several fronts of research, by promoting new techniques and methods of vinification, as well as to organize training seminars for professionals and technicians.

- single analysis of water, soils, grapes, musts and wine 

- customized control packages 

- certified analysis for the exports 

- service of samples collecting 

- free electonic delivery of the analysis report 

- technical consulting