giottoconsulting. origin and history


The contributes of GiottoConsulting to the companies it works with, is finalized to make aware, through the tools that the knowledge offers, of what is hided in that particular territory, gather the character and show it in its best aspect. The objective is to give voice to qualitatively unique wines but at the same time that are sustainable both for the territory that they are spokesman, and for who, taking care of them, devote time and resources.

Created in 2006 by Federico Giotto, the GiottoConsulting srl is a dynamic and innovative company that offers consulting services in the viticultural and oenological field for the production of quality wines. 

The decision to unite in a single project his professional training and work experiences undertaken and a group of professionals who share his philosophy, is the added value of this interesting company. 

Situated between the hills of Treviso, close to Conegliano Veneto where is located the Oenological School I.S.I.S.S. G. B. Cerletti, the oldest of Italy, has all the technological tools to support its activities: from the management of the vineyard to the vinification in the cellar and bottling process, and also technical design and business organization.

A key role has the Research and Development department that has contributed to the experimentation of new innovative techniques in both viticultural and oenological field, from which in 2009 was created GiottoLab, the laboratory of chemical and microbiological analysis. Initially to support the consulting activity, it was later developed as a laboratory autonomous and independent, not tied to the sale of oenological products, and that collaborates with professionals, winemakers and universities.

Today GiottoConsulting counts among its customers important producers distributed in different italian wine areas such as the Valpolicella, the hills of Treviso, the Euganean hills, the hills of Bologna, but also in Romagna and in the Marche Region. Since 2009 collaborates with IM Vinaria Bostavan and IM Purcari Wines, important wine producers of Moldova, and since 2011 is present in the Ukrainian and Russian territory.