The ingredients of wine

What are the key ingredients of wine? Federico Giotto talks about his experience going over once more the most important highlights of his life and individuating three main elements that belong to a wine unique and identical only to itself. 

the sustainability of the quality


Fundamental is the development of a project that is both sustainable and coherent with the potentiality of the territory and with the business goals, respecting the environment in which it operates. 


Object sustainability

"Talk about sustainability means before all understand that the vine is an integral part of a largest and more complex ecosystem." (Federico Giotto) 

The interview of Federico Giotto in the article "Object sustainability" published in the magazine Conegliano Valdobbiadene n°2 of June 2014: 

"Talk about sustainability today and in the years to come, will be considered more and more as a necessity rather than a choice of one or another one producer.

# Shelflife

#oxygen #bottling 

The oxygen greatly affects the quality of the wine intervening at all stages of the process, starting from the operation of crushing until those of bottling. 

Today, more than ever, is important not only obtain a product that is qualitatively superior, but also ensure that it can preserve itself over time. 

The oenologist? Architect and orchestra leader

Who is the oenologist and which figure represents nowadays?

In the September issue of the Magazine VQ vite, vino & qualità has been published the interview of Elena Consonni to Federico Giotto.

From the decisive encounters that have positively influenced in the young age his thoughts and his professional future, to the importance of having given birth to an highly qualified team, which is the GiottoEarthListener.

Harvest 2013 with GiottoLab


Identify the optimal moment for the harvest is the starting point for obtain an optimum quality. For this Giottolab studied simple packages but ables to provide important indications on the quality of the grapes, their degree of maturation and health.

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