23 October 2013

Veneto, a great result: 5 "Chiocciole" Slow Wine of 15!!

Scrolling down the list of  awarded companies  with the "Chiocciola" by the Slow Wine Guide 2014 we arrive at Veneto...and here's the great surprise... 

Of the 15 award-winning wineries, 5 are those with whom we work for several years. 

An important result which not only makes us proud five times, but it represents for us of the Giotto Earth Listener a significant award for the diligence and determination that we put every day in what we do. 

The passion for wine makes us love this work, curiosity tied to the research keeps alive and enriches our knowledge, the sensitivity leads us to carefully identify the peculiarity of each territory and each producer. Our challenge is to give voice to unique wines and identical only to themselves, which are expression of their own terroir, not to mention the importance of the sustainability to the surrounding environment and to those who produce them. 

The appointment is in Venice on the 26th October at the "Biennale del gusto" to toast at this great result!